Can a plumber perform gas perform gas fitting

Are you looking for gas repair experts? But, wondering about can plumber do gas fittings.  Well, the answer is yes. You can hire a plumber for any gas-related issues.

When you have a problem involving gas, it might be difficult to determine who to call for help. Do plumbing and gas fitting skills cross over? Is it always the case that a plumber is also a gas fitter?

What exactly does “gas fitting” mean?

First, let’s define gas fitting work so that we’re all on the same page.

Gas fitting refers to the pipes and fittings used to transport natural gas and liquid petroleum gas (LPG) from the control valve or connection point of the  gasoline containers to a gas appliance or another gas container, together with any necessary flues.

As stated in the Home Building Act of 1989, gas fitting includes:

The process of installing in, upgrading, or fixing a gas line.

Any work done on a gas installation’s flue, including setup, experimentation, expansion, and repair

When gas containers, gas regulators, or gas appliances are not intended to be easily detached from a gas installation, it must be professionally disconnected from the installation before it may be used again. This term does not apply when swapping out cylinders or replacing pigtails.

You can learn more about the gas fitting rules in NSW by visiting Fair Trading NSW (

When it comes to gas lines, can a plumber handle the job?

It depends. To become qualified in both plumbing and gas fitting, you’ll need to complete training and work in both fields.

In the state of New South Wales (NSW), a person who wishes to work as a gas fitter is required to get either a Certificate ll in Gasfitting (which would allow them to perform solely gas fitting) or a Certificate ll in Plumbing (which would require them to complete all relevant gas services modules).

In order to obtain a plumber’s license, an individual must first finish a Cert ll in Plumbing, at which point they will have the option to either include the gas fitting modules (which will allow them to include plumbing and gasoline installation) or not (plumber services only).

It is in your best interest to check with every tradesperson you employ.

How can I verify that a plumber is qualified to perform gas fitting work and has the appropriate license?

Inquire to see a copy of their contractor or tradesperson license, on which the qualifications they hold will be listed. Check to see if Gasfitter is on the list.

If a tradesperson refuses to show you their license or gives you an excuse for why they don’t have it on them, you should probably look elsewhere for their services. The vast majority of tradespeople are willing to do so. Work performed without a license may end up costing you more money in the long run and may even void your insurance coverage if an accident occurs as a direct result of the work being performed.