IoT is getting bigger and bigger every day. Similarly, the number of IT companies all over the world is also ever booming. We have seen the internet making billionaires in this era. In recent times this trend is also practiced in smaller countries like Nepal.

There are over five hundred companies that work in the IT business in Nepal. Their number is ever increasing as the market needs. Many of us might not have the knowledge of everything that passes by, hence, let’s start with.

What do IT companies do?

IT companies provide varieties of services (sometimes IT products) and digital products. The services range from troubleshooting, network services, to social media management. Now, that we know what IT companies do, let’s hop onto the list;

Best 10 IT Companies in Nepal

Verisk Nepal

Verisk Nepal is a support center that does software development and other tasks for the parent company, Verisk Analytics. It employs over 400 people and is one of the big names in the game. It has also built its reputation as one of the highest paying IT companies in Nepal.

Services: IT support, Data analysis, Software Development
Location: Prasiddhi Tower, Pulchowk, Lalitpur


Deerwalk split from Verisk and a portion of them built up the new tech organization with the name Deerwalk. Deerwalk is primarily engaged in medicinal services programming arrangements organization situated in Lexington, Massachusetts.

As of now they are one of the main programming improvement organizations and expanding step by step with more than 100+ workers.

Services: Health Software service, Data management
Location: Jaya Bageshwori Road, Kathmandu

F1 Soft

F1 Soft is one of the reputed companies existing in the Nepalese market. They have created hundreds of influential Softwares, e-payment gateway E-sewa being one of them. They have over 200+ young exerts of technology, engineers, and thinkers for the future.

Services: Finance & banking software, IT support
Location: 9-10th Floor, Lalchan Plaza, Lalchan Plaza Rd, Kathmandu

Leapfrog Technologies

Leapfrog is one of the biggest gamechanger in the industry when it comes to outsourcing. It has headquarters in Massachusetts, USA and is usually working for clients abroad. They mostly work on software development and have 100+ people working for them in Nepal.

Services: AI services, Healthcare IT products
Location: Charkhal Rd, Kathmandu


Cloudfactory is one of the happening startups in the scene. They have over 150+ employees. The company often hire part-time and give flexibility to their workers in terms of the work environment. They also work with various clients in the middle-east including Dubai.

Services: Cloud Technology, Software Development, etc.
Location: Bhaisipati, Lalitpur


Javra is an IT company headquartered in the Netherlands. The team from Nepal provides various outsourcing services to customers existing in Europe. Almost all of their customer is based in the European region. They work on various mobile and web platforms.

Services: Software Development, E-commerce
Location: Javra Building, Lagankhel Satdobato Rd, Lalitpur

Yomari (YCO) Pvt. Ltd.

Yomari is one of the oldest IT companies in Nepal. In contrast,  they have recently changed their name to YCO. This company has been active in the scene since the year 1997. They focus on software development creation and system integration.

Services: Software Solution, IT consulting
Location: Lokeshwor Tole, Manbhawan Lalitpur


Logpoint is a Europe based company that focuses on software. They have about a hundred employees. They also provide excellent services in the IT security sector.

Services: IT security, Network services
Location: Jawlakhel, Nepal


Braindigit has been a significant supporter of the IT part in Nepal with its business application advancement, Mobile Apps improvement, eCommerce arrangements and so on.

Built-up in 2008, Braindigit gives distinctive online arrangement. Braindigit practices on .Net stage and offers distinctive help to its users. Currently, Braindigit has around 50 to 100 workers.

Services: Web Development, E-commerce
Location: 5th Floor, Shanta Plaza, Kalopul-Ratopul Rd, Kathmandu

EB Pearls

It is an expert programming improvement organization built up in 2005. EB Pearls turned into an elite advanced organization with more than 150+ capable representatives. They are had practical experience in making imaginative and drawing in web and versatile application for its clients alongside eCommerce.

Services: Web design, Mobile development
Location: Kandevastan, Kupondole-10, Lalitpur