electrician in Newcastle

When it comes to electrical work that goes beyond the scope of a regular electrician, such as handling underground or overhead electrical lines, you need the expertise of a Level 2 electrician. These professionals possess specialized training and qualifications to tackle complex electrical tasks safely and efficiently. If you’re in Newcastle and require the services of a Level 2 electrician, you may be wondering about the associated costs. In this blog post, we will delve into the factors that influence the pricing of Level 2 electricians in Newcastle, helping you make an informed decision.

Cost of Hiring a Level 2 Electrician in Newcastle:

Determining the cost of hiring a Level 2 electrician in Newcastle involves considering several factors, as mentioned earlier. However, it is generally accepted that the average remuneration for a Level 2 electrician in Newcastle falls within the range of $80 to $120 per hour.

In situations where complex projects such as EV charging station installations or switchboard upgrades are required, it may be more appropriate to request a fixed-rate estimate rather than relying on an hourly compensation model.

To ensure complete clarity regarding the fee structure, it is crucial to obtain a comprehensive quote that itemizes all expenses associated with the job. This approach empowers you to make an informed decision while preventing any surprises or misunderstandings.

Average Hourly Cost of a Level 2 Electrician in Newcastle:

The typical rate for a Level 2 electrician in Newcastle generally falls between $80 and $120 per hour. However, this rate may vary based on factors that influence the overall project cost.

These factors include the complexity and nature of the work, the expertise of the electrician, and the materials required for the job. It is advisable to request a detailed quotation from your chosen electrician before proceeding with any work, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the project scope and avoiding any unforeseen expenses.

Factors Affecting the Cost:

  1. Nature of the Work: The cost of hiring a Level 2 electrician in Newcastle depends on the specific job requirements. Tasks like installing, repairing, or upgrading electrical meters, handling overhead power lines, connecting new properties to the electrical network, or performing disconnections all vary in complexity. The intricacy and duration of the work involved will influence the overall cost.
  2. Time and Labor: Level 2 electricians charge based on the time spent on the job. Factors such as the complexity of the task, the accessibility of the work area, and the required equipment can impact the duration of the project. The more time and labor required, the higher the overall cost will be.
  3. Materials and Equipment: Depending on the nature of the electrical work, additional materials and equipment may be needed. This includes cables, wires, connectors, transformers, or specialized tools. The cost of these materials will be factored into the overall pricing provided by a Level 2 electrician.
  4. Licensing and Accreditation: Level 2 electricians in Newcastle hold specific licenses and certifications that allow them to perform regulated electrical work. These qualifications demonstrate their competence and adherence to safety standards. The cost of hiring a Level 2 electrician reflects their expertise, training, and compliance with industry regulations.
  5. Service Provider: Different electrical service providers may have varying pricing structures. Factors such as their reputation, experience, and overhead costs can influence the rates they charge. It’s essential to research and compare multiple providers to ensure you receive competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

Obtaining a Quote:

To get an accurate cost estimate for your specific Level 2 electrical project in Newcastle, it is recommended to contact reputable electricians directly. They will assess the scope of work, visit the site if necessary, and provide you with a detailed quote outlining the expected costs. It is advisable to inquire about any potential additional charges or fees upfront to avoid any surprises later on.


The cost of hiring a Level 2 electrician in Newcastle depends on several factors, including the nature of the work, time and labor involved, materials and equipment required, licensing and accreditation, and the service provider’s rates. To obtain an accurate estimate, reach out to trusted Level 2 electricians in your area and request a detailed quote tailored to your project. Remember, while cost is an important consideration, prioritizing the expertise, experience, and safety of the electrician should be paramount. By investing in a reputable Level 2 electrician, you can ensure your electrical work is performed with professionalism and compliance, providing peace of mind for years to come.