I visited Namaste Nepali Restaurant Strathfield on 2nd August 2022.

Strathfield is home to many Nepalese international students. Apart from a train station from where you can get trains to anywhere (literally), it also houses some great eateries.

Namaste Nepali Restaurant is the only Nepalese restaurant in Strathfield (at least for me). On a casual day after work, I decided to try out the ambiance of this restaurant with my friend.

The food was good- no complaints!

I really wanted to write on this based on my experience of the restaurant. However, I have no intention of bashing any hardworking business owner online. So, let’s call this blog post constructive feedback, and all I want to do is put some light on a few things that need some homework.

I would not expect a fine dining experience, as you get what you pay for. They had a variety of food on the menu. Whatever we ordered had a decent taste. The cooks in the restaurant did a very good job.

Something I didn’t like

Now the fun starts when the waitress came to take the order without asking if we were ready. We were deciding whether to get “Bhutan set” or something else.

There are no complaints about this since we were confused and someone listening to our conversation would probably be confused too. We ended up ordering 2 things from the menu since we both had some food in the city and were there just for checking out the venue.

We got a mistake in order!

Everything was well, until the first order we got turned out to be “Bhutan set“. The moment we saw that, we informed the waitress (a different one) and told her we got a mistake order.

Now, since it was already on the table, we told her “it’s okay” and asked her if it’s possible to cancel any of our two actual dishes. Which she said is alright. However, we ended up having two more dishes.

Now, we confidently got asked if we had ordered the last two dishes. Technically we did!

But, did we ordered the first one “Bhutan set”?

No! we didn’t

There were two people with full stomach with three dishes on the table. We ended up not touching the last dish out of self respect.

Something that happened here is; we got bashed for being nice and saying “it’s okay” in the first place.

The reason why I’m writing this now

I had two options; either pay and go away, or take my chances and give a feedback which might ruin someone’s day. I ended up choosing the first option. However,

  • I felt really bad for letting them think that they were right and I was wrong
  • The waitress whom we mentioned about the wrong order knew what was happening
  • Our two actual dishes were not prepared while we mentioned about the wrong order


Here are things that could have made my experience better;

  • Repeating food orders (I guess it’s a standard practise)
  • Better communication between the staff members


I really respect the hard work people put into the business. Human errors are a thing and can happen. However, I saw their reviews online and I was not the only one who encountered this situation. I really hope that the management will workout and rectify the issue. <3