In Nepal, the minimum wage is introduced by the government and does not allow the employee to pay less than the decide minimum wage. The rate is mandatory and any business that fails to obey the law will be subjected to be punished by the government.

The minimum wage in Nepal?

The minimum wage in Nepal decided by the Ministry of Labour, Employment, and Social Security is Rs.  13,450 per month. The rule came to effect in the month of July in 2019. An Rs. 2,500 mandatory social security will also be added.

Before this rule, the minimum wage in Nepal was Rs. 9,500.

The rule-makers are also trying to make changes so that laborers and other working-class people can be benefited from pensions and funds. This rule also suggests businesses pay employees through banking channels and maintain transparency.

Nepalese have 6 working days in a week and has mostly 48 hours workweek. Considering the minimum wage, the minimum hourly pay rate in Nepal can be considered as Rs. 70 ($0.7).