Are you trying to find the top Nepalese restaurant in Kogarah? Well, we’ve got you covered. Let’s look at this article and select from our top 3 lists.

Eating habits and food usually reflect the cultural identity of people and society. Nepalese food is a mix of different tastes, cultural traditions, and cooking eras. Nepalese food has a lot in common with the food of China, Tibet, and India, which are all close by.

Let’s have a look at the top 3 eateries in Kogarah that serve authentic Nepalese food!

Top 3 Nepalese restaurant in Kogarah

1. Royal Durbar Restro

Royal Durbar Restro is one of the best Nepalese restaurants in Kogarah, serving authentic Nepali cuisine at an affordable price. Besides, the ambiance and service are also great.

Most vegetarian and vegan diets can be met by choosing from their menu, which has a lot of options. Equally, most items on the menu are suitable for those with gluten intolerance.

Their specialties are ‘Haku Choila’, ‘Momos’, ‘Thakali Khana set’, ‘Chowmein’, and much more exotic Nepali food.

Location: 7 Regent St, Kogarah NSW 2217, Australia

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2. Cafe Talk Nepalese Restaurant

Café talk offers you a taste of Nepal, a Himalayan country rich in heritage and culture. They have managed to provide authentic Nepalese flavor via careful curation of ingredients from across the country. Their specialties are ‘Sel roti’, Lassi, ‘Chhoela’, Chatpate, Chowmein, Chicken Chilli, and many more.

Location: 126 Railway Parade, Kogarah NSW 2217, Australia

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3. Mirchi Indian and Nepalese Restaurant

If you are craving authentic Nepalese and Indian cuisines then Mirchi Indian and Nepalese Restaurant is a place eatery to visit. They launched intending to provide both locals and Nepalese expatriates with consistently excellent food.

Location: 15/1 Railway Parade, Kogarah NSW 2217, Australia

These are the top 3 Nepalese restaurants in Kogarah. Let us know in the comment section which one you like the most.