Here’s some exciting news for foodies! We have compiled the top 5 Nepalese restaurant in Melbourne.

Foods from Nepal have just the right amount of flavor and healthiness. Vegetables, meats, grains, and lentils are the most common ingredients for any cuisine in Nepal. But the native culinary spices are what really make the food exotic and delicious.

In case you are interested in trying Nepalese cuisine. Keep reading this article to learn more.

 Top 5 Nepalese restaurants in Melbourne

Here are some of the best Nepalese restaurants serving authentic Nepalese cuisine:

 1. Nirankar Restaurant

For more than 20 years, the Nirankar Restaurant has served customers exquisite, authentic Indian and Nepalese cuisine in a warm, inviting atmosphere.

It serves the finest Indian-Nepalese cuisine in the area. The staff is wonderful; they are always willing to help and always pleasant to talk to.

Also, they have the best gluten-free bread in town. The service is welcoming, and the food is delicious and inexpensive. And, Garlic naan is a must-try dish.

Location: 174 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000

 2. Camberwell Curry House

You can get genuine Nepalese and Tibetan food at reasonable costs, making it one of the top Nepalese restaurant in Melbourne.

They specialize in Goat and beef meat dishes, Rice, Bread, Seafood, Desserts, and many more.

Location: 509 Riversdale Rd, Camberwell VIC 3124

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3. Nepal Dining Room

Even if you’ve never tried Nepalese food before, their emphasis on authenticity and devotion to service will provide a wonderful and vibrant Nepalese culinary experience that will have you coming back.

It offers vegetable dishes, Meat dishes, Curry dishes, seafood, and many more.

Location: 156 Waverley Rd, Malvern East VIC 3145

4. Gurkhas Brunswick

It is one of Melbourne’s top Nepalese eateries. It provides distinctive Nepali food in a welcoming setting. Items include Butter chicken, Naan, Bread, Momos, etc.

Location: 414 Sydney Road, 3056 Brunswick (VIC)

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5.The Kathmandu cottage

The name of the café came from the capital city of Nepal. It is one of the best Nepalese restaurants in Melbourne. The restaurant offers from the starter to the main course so that you get to choose from the myriad of Nepalese cuisines.

Location: 349 Victoria St, West Melbourne, VIC 3003

These are the top 5 Nepalese restaurants in Melbourne to pass by if you are craving flavoursome Nepalese food.