Good news for foodies! If you are looking for the best places to have Nepalese food then we have made a mini list of the best 3 Nepalese restaurant in Newcastle for you. So, keep reading this article.

Nepalese foods are the perfect blend of flavor and healthy ingredients. The central ingredients for most of the dishes in Nepal are simple such as vegetables, meats, rice, and lentil. However, the exotic and mouth-smacking flavor is mainly due to the indigenous culinary spices.

If you have not been to Nepalese restaurants yet, then you must be wondering about the kind of food you will get there. Before, going further into the list of best restaurants in Newcastle, let’s have a short insight into Nepalese cuisine.

Why visit Nepalese restaurants?

Some might be confused with the Indian restaurants where you can find some Nepalese food items such as Mo: Mo, Samosa, Chicken, and Mutton items. Well, it is because; Nepalese delicacy is the infusion of Indo-Chinese food.

However, one can get the authentic Nepalese taste only in the Nepalese restaurant. Further, items such as Yomari, ‘Laughing’, Gundruk, ‘Sel roti’, ‘Choila’, ‘And Chattamari are some of the peculiar Nepali dishes that you will not find in any other restaurants.

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Top 3 Nepalese restaurants in Newcastle

If you are looking for food that is full of flavor and also enriched with healthy ingredients, then check out these Nepalese restaurants in Newcastle.

1. Durbar restaurant -Momos & More

It is not only famous for its juicy and tasty Momos but also for other Nepalese cuisines. So, if you are in Newcastle, then you should definitely visit this restaurant.

Besides Nepalese cuisines, it offers a variety of spices and flavors that will take your taste buds to another world.

If you are in Sydney and craving for authentic Momos:  Please have a look at the  best Momos in Sydney.

Location: 165 Pacific Hwy, Charlestown NSW 2290

 2. Avatara Restaurant

It is one of the best restaurants in Newcastle where you can enjoy authentic Nepalese and Tibetan cuisine at affordable prices. They serve foods like Tibetan spiced beef Momos with tomato and coriander sauce, and other Nepalese and Tibetan dishes.

Location:161 Darby St, Cooks Hill NSW 2300, Australia

3. Momo wholefood

Another best Nepalese restaurant in Newcastle is ‘Momo wholefood’.  It offers exotic Nepali cuisines in a friendly environment.

Location: 227 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW 2300, Australia

Summing up,

Check out these best 3 Nepalese restaurants if you are in Newcastle and let us know in the comment section about your experience.