In Parramatta, you may discover just about any kind of cuisine you can imagine. Thanks to its multicultural population and thriving economy, Parramatta is a gastronomic paradise where you can sample dishes from all over the world.

If you are looking for food that is full of flavor and also enriched with healthy ingredients, then check out these top 3 Nepalese restaurants in Parramatta.

Best 3 Nepalese restaurant in Parramatta

1. Everest Mo: Mo

It is one of the top Nepalese restaurants in Parramatta which provides authentic Nepalese taste. You can enjoy the juicy and freshly cooked Momos along with other Indo-Asian items.

Further, it accepts online orders for cuisine! It’s incredibly quick and convenient to use. Try out their website, which includes the whole takeout menu. If you are in Newcastle then please look at ; Top 3 Nepalese restaurant in Newcastle.

Locations: 55-67 George St Shop 23, Parra Mall, Parramatta, NSW 2150

2. Chulho Authentic Nepalese & Indian Cuisine

It is another one of the best restaurants to stop by for Nepali and Indo-Asian foods. You can get to choose from a wide variety of dishes representing traditional Nepalese and Indian cuisine, each with its flavor profile thanks to its use of different herbs and spices.

You can try ‘Prawn Korma’ with its coconut and cashew sauce, or order a variety of Nepalese appetizers to share with friends. Some of its best offerings include goat dumplings, momo soup, and homemade lamb jerky pan-fried in special thakali masala (sukuti sandeko).

Locations: 59 Wigham Street, Harris Park NSW

3. Tibetan Momo Nepalese restaurant Harris park

Tibetan Momo Nepalese restaurant  is another best Nepalese restaurants in Parramatta. If serves Indo-Nepalese cuisines at a reasonable price.

They are well known for their flavorsome curries and fluffy and absorbent nans. Similarly, you will get to taste the best butter chicken is the Parramatta.

Locations: 44 Marion St, Harris Park NSW 2150, Australia

 How much does a meal for two people cost in Nepalese restaurants in Parramatta?

Starters in Nepalese cuisine include potato salads, chili chicken, and other meals with a South Asian influence. Traditional rice wine, yogurt-based cocktails, and Nepali beer are also available as beverages in Nepalese restaurants.

Similarly, you can order a mo: mo platter or a street food platter at most places. Finally, the main course may consist of curry and rice, or a typical platter featuring several types of meat, seasonings, and either beaten or steamed rice.

Well, talking about cost, it depends on the type and the amount of dish you ordered. However, for 2 people it can cost anywhere between $70- $100 if you are planning to have a full meal.