There were times when people used to depend on the national newspaper for their day-to-day information feed. News used to take longer times to circulate. However, with the increasing use of the internet in Nepali households, things changed.

The availability of the internet and social media also changed the scenario a lot. Nowadays, the number of websites that compile news in Nepal is evergrowing.

The outbreak in numbers can make people confuse regarding the authority and authenticity of a website. hence, we bring you the list of top 10 most popular news websites in Nepal which you can trust;

Top News websites of Nepal


It is or of the most publicly liked news portal of Nepal. Ratopati’s reliability is extremely good. They publish articles in both English and Nepali languages.

Ratopati also has a huge number of following on social media. It is one of the trusted sources of news and writes on various topics including political news.

Owned by: Discovery News Network Pvt. Ltd.

Nepal Khabar

This news website makes into the list of top 10 most visited websites in Nepal. It has a team of well-presented reporters and writers who run this news website. They write in the Nepali language and have a very simple yet efficient web design.

Owned by: Nepal Khabar Pvt. Ltd.


Ekantipur is a brand name when it comes to the Nepali news website. it comes from the same publication who runs Kantipur newspaper. This news website is one of the most trusted websites in Nepal. No doubt, they attract visitors to missions all around the world.

Owned by: Kantipur Publications Pvt. Ltd.

Nagrik News

Nagrik news is a competitor to eKantipur when it comes to the reliability factor. It is also run by the same board which runs the nagrik newspaper. Nagrik is a very huge name when it comes to newspapers. It has been existing for a long time now and never disappoints people who are hungry for hot news in Nepal.

Owned by: Nepal Republic Media Pvt. Ltd.


Setopati is one of the first online newspapers to make it big in the scene. They have a huge following on social media for a long time. Their team is really quick when it comes to giving breaking news to the people on social media. They are also active on Youtube these days.

Owned by: Setopati Sanchar Pvt. Ltd.

Canada Nepal

Owned by: Rajan Thapa

Dainik Online

Owned by: Dainik Online Nepal

Himal Post

Owned by: Himalpost Media Pvt. Ltd.

Koshi Online

Owned by: Republic Herald Media & Publication Pvt. Ltd.

Purbeli News

Owned by: Purbeli Media Network Pvt. Ltd.


So, this was the list of best online news websites in Nepal. Most of them have now been existing for a long time and are trustable sources. I have also mentioned some other trustable sources in the list below;


Please write in the comments: which one of them do you visit the most?