Johnnie Walker Blue Label is the finest whisky produced by Johnnie Walker. It is made from the rarest barrels in House of Walker, the world’s biggest whisky distillery, to replicate the early 19th-century style of whiskies.

The barrels are hand-selected for their superior quality, character, and flavor while keeping the distinctive smokiness of Johnnie Walker whiskies.

A lot of big celebrations for Nepalese start with a bottle of champagne, or Blue Label. That is why a lot of Nepalese living overseas want to know more about the price of Blue Label in Nepal.

Price of Blue Label in Nepal

The price of Johnie Walker Blue Label varies from $300 to $350 in Nepal. Most of the popular stores stock 1ltr bottles in Nepal, unlike overseas where 700ml bottles are popular. Below, we have listed the prices of Blue Label from various online liquor stores in Nepal.

  1. – Rs. 30,800
  2. Liquors Nepal – Rs. 30,500
  3. Cheers Online Store – Rs. 38,630

History of Blue Label

The inspiration for Johnnie Walker Blue Label was Alexander Walker’s 1867 Old Highland Whisky. It was at the vanguard of an age when there were fewer barrels available and the selection of excellent casks was in its infancy.

This mix of rare, aged Malt and Grain Scotch Whiskies presents a complex symphony of flavours, smooth and well-balanced with chocolate, grass, and malt aromas. Its finish of flowery, spice, smoke, and honey makes for a distinctive and delightful sip. Best enjoyed neat with the palate washed and chilled with icy water and roasted almonds.

An outstanding whisky to receive and a thoughtful choice of present when you want to make a particular occasion absolutely spectacular and unforgettable.

Is Blue Label a good whiskey?

It is really nice and possibly deserves to be called an extraordinary whisky, particularly among continuously produced and readily accessible whiskies.

What makes Blue Label so special?

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is renowned for its outstanding flavour: It begins with a nose that is extremely mellow and smooth, with flavours of dry smokiness and raisins that are masterfully blended.

Also, a taste reveals silky flavours of vanilla, honey, and rose petals, followed by orange, hazelnut, sherry, and bittersweet chocolate.

And conclusion? It is lengthy and rich, with the distinctive smokiness of Johnnie Walker. No matter how often you return to it, neither you nor the recipient will ever weary of its nuanced, ever-changing taste.

Do you like Blue Label? Write down your thoughts in comments below. Drink responsibly.