Why does hair break and what is the reason behind damaged hair? It’s when individual hairs break off, looking frayed and ragged instead of smooth and glossy all the way down. Your brokenness is shared by many others. In fact, it’s quite common. You can have healthy hair again if you take care of it.

When a hair strand is under too much pressure, its cuticle peels off and the hair becomes vulnerable to breakage. Hair becomes brittle and more prone to breakage as a result.

Causes of hair breakage and how to identify them

Even though your scalp is healthy and your hair is growing, you may still have breakage if any of these other factors make it difficult for you to grow your hair out. If you’re experiencing hair loss, look for these telltale signs:

Reasons why your hair has breakage ?

To stop hair from breaking, it is necessary to identify the cause and then eliminate it from your hair care routine.


If your hair is dry and thirsty, it’s under stress and more likely to break. Underconditioned hair is dry and brittle and has a tendency to feel straw-like, frizzy, or crunchy.

Hair coloring and bleaching

In some ways, being able to bleach and colour one’s hair to any desired shade is a dream come true. However, this treatment leaves hair brittle and dry. Bleaches and dyes weaken the hair’s natural defenses, allowing the dye to penetrate. Consequently, your hair becomes more brittle and lackluster.

Style or comb with too much force

Intense physical exertion on the hair might cause it to snap. Some examples are:

avoid over-using heat styling tools like the hair dryer and straightener, using old combs and brushes, and yanking on knots in your hair.

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Here are the strategies for protecting your hair from damage.

You can reverse hair breakage with regular maintenance and the appropriate products. Put these four suggestions to use, and you’ll soon have healthy hair again.

Condition your hair

Conditioning your hair thoroughly is the most effective way to lessen the likelihood of split ends. If your hair is well-cared for, its cuticle will remain undamaged.

It can stretch further, gets tangled less, and breaks less frequently. Keratin and silk proteins found in intensive conditioners help restore damaged hair. They also make style easier by making hair more resilient. The best part is that you may immediately see less hair breaking with the proper conditioner.

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Style with caution.

You should use less heat on your hair if you’re through a fragile period where it’s breaking easily. Do not use a blow dryer until your hair is at least half dried. Less hair will break immediately after using this.

Certain maintenance, like as regular brushing and combing, is required. Gently comb through wet hair with a wide, smooth comb. Start detangling your dry hair at the ends and work your way up. Follow that with a pass through your hair. When knots are caught and combed too firmly, hair is damaged. You should use a wide-toothed comb or a detangling brush on your hair if you decide to brush it.

Wear a scarf or a bonnet to bed to keep your hair safe.

Three-quarters of our lives are spent resting our heads on pillows. It’s important that your hair is comfortable when you sleep. Get some shut-eye on a plush pillowcase. You can’t go wrong with cotton sateen. Silk pillowcases, while more expensive, are known for their ability to prevent hair from becoming dull and from breaking.

Also, before you go to sleep, secure longer hair. This stops your hair from twisting and breaking as you toss and turn. A gentle braid is the perfect way to tame long, straight or wavy hair. Long, curly hair can be styled into a “pineapple” bun and held in place with a fabric scrunchie. Protect shorter styles by using a satin sleep cap. You’ll see the difference the next morning!

Get good nutrition

Good hair nutrition is essential for hair health. Feed your hair a nutritious diet and use hair care products that do the same. Get enough of protein, healthy oils (such plant and fish oils), and leafy greens into your diet. A hair and nail supplement may also be helpful. Try to find ones that are high in silica, Sulphur, folic acid, and B vitamins. In just a month or so, your hair will be noticeably thicker and healthier.

How can you prevent hair from breaking during styling?

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