Are you planning of selling a home?  There is a difference of opinion. There are those who believe that a house will sell faster if it is furnished, while others argue that it is not worth the time and money to do so.

Whether you sell your home furnished or unfurnished is largely a matter of personal opinion and circumstance, but we’ve detailed some advantages and cons of each option below to help you make up your mind.

Advantages of selling a furnished house

Most homeowners who list their homes for sale on the market as “turnkey” do so either because it is the most convenient option (especially if the seller still resides in the home) or because they are aware of the impact that furniture has on how livable a house is seen by potential buyers.

Advantages are:

  • Potential buyers will have an easier time visualizing themselves in the home if it is adequately furnished.
  • Elevates the property’s visual attractiveness, making it feel more like a “home” than “just a house.”
  • Assists in disguising flaws such as paint chips, carpet stains, etc.
  • The price of a home might increase if it is tastefully furnished, as this increases its perceived value.

Disadvantages of Furnished Home for Sale

However, selling a house with furniture can add time and money to the process, and if you choose poorly, the wrong furniture could even deter potential buyers.

Disadvantage includes:

  • It’s inconvenient if you’re trying to sell your home and relocate as soon as possible but don’t want to rush out and have your furniture removed.
  • When trying to sell a home, it can get pricey if you decide to employ professional stagers or rent furniture.
  • Leaving in the furniture can make the room look cramped, and unappealing pieces might take away from the beauty of the house.

Benefits of Listing a Home on sale Without furnishing

Most sellers prefer to unfinish their listings because of the lower costs and increased ease of moving in and out. Showing a house unfurnished can increase its perceived worth since it gives the impression of more space and cleanliness.

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The advantages consist mainly of:

  • Since you won’t have to pay to rent furniture or pay to stage the place, selling an unfurnished home can save you money.
  • Highlights the property’s primary structure and largest living areas, which may appeal to potential purchasers.
    A house that is unfurnished can be shown at a moment’s notice, eliminating a potential roadblock to a swift sale.
  • Also, buying house in NSW which is furnished can really save the time and energy of the buyer.

Cons of Listing an Unfurnished Home for Sale

However, an unfurnished house may seem less welcoming and attractive to potential purchasers. If a house is unfurnished, flaws are also more noticeable.

 Drawbacks includes

  • The inability of potential purchasers to imagine their own furnishings in the space may discourage them from making an offer.
  • A lifeless and drab appearance might be created in a vacant property.
  • It may give the impression that the house has been on the market for a long time or raise questions about the reason the current owners vacated so rapidly.
  • When there are no distractions, like furniture, it forces one to focus on every flaw.

Is it better to sell fully furnished or unfurnished?

The correct response is that it is conditional on individual taste and budget. Houses that are nicely furnished tend to sell faster and for a greater price.

Your own furniture should only be used if it is well-presented and can appeal to a wide audience. If you don’t want to invest in furniture, renting it or employing a professional staging agency may be your best option.

When selling a home with limited square footage, it is recommended that the home be shown unfurnished so that buyers can get a true sense of how much room there is.

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What could be more effective than hiring a professional home stager?

More and more homeowners these days are hiring professional house stagers to help them decide whether or not to sell their properties fully furnished.

In order to attract potential buyers, a skilled home stager will update the space with modern, neutral pieces. The advantage of this method is that it facilitates the sale of the house without the seller having to worry about leaving their own furniture behind.

A skilled home stager who knows what they’re doing will do more than just clean and de-clutter a house; they’ll also add those little touches that buyers will remember.