Are you planning to buy property in Sydney but here are the things that you need to consider before doing it.

Focus your suburb search.

As one of the initial steps to buying property for the first time, it makes good to focus your search to two or three important suburbs that have what you’re searching for. Bondi Junction has some fantastic apartments to offer that are close to the beach, even though Dover Heights and Double Bay may be out of your price range. Other popular suburbs among first-time homebuyers and young professionals looking to purchase great eastern Sydney real estate include Kensington and Randwick.

Examine areas near the amenities you regularly use.

When purchasing a property to live in, it is advisable to give priority to the lifestyle features that will benefit you the most. Unless you play every weekend, of course, it might mean shopping for property closer to the city, Centennial Parklands, or the beach rather than golf courses. Public transportation choices, close proximity to UNSW, or the convenience of having shops nearby are some additional top priorities.

Consider both present and future demands when making plans.

When looking for their first house, first-time buyers frequently go through significant life stages, so it’s important to consider how your wants for a property can evolve over the next five years. Will guests from family and friends require a separate bedroom? A backyard for the kids or dogs or additional room for your expanding family? You could avoid the inconvenience of moving once more in a few years by doing a bit more preparation now.

Invest in areas with high demand for real estate.

Property in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs often retains its value quite well, and since there aren’t many new areas to develop, an apartment surplus is unlikely. Beaches, elite schools, transportation options, and parklands are just a few of the wonderful features, so there’s a strong likelihood that a property here will continue to be in demand in the long run.

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Utilize all NSW first-time buyer grants that are available.

Naturally, you’ll want to take advantage of any grants and discounts available to first-time home buyers. Visit this recent article to learn more about the first-home buyer grants now offered in New South Wales. The First Home Buyer Assistance Program, which is available to qualified purchasers of both existing and new homes, offers the widest financial assistance currently available.

Consult a local real estate agent.

Your neighborhood real estate agent, like Wills Property, may be a hugely valuable contact whether you’re scouting out what’s available in the neighborhood real estate market or you’re looking for something in specific. Our team can assist you in finding suitable properties to take into consideration because we have a strong understanding of what’s currently available on the market. Long-term client support is our goal, and we can manage your home should you decide to rent it out in the future. Check out the listings that are currently available to get started.