The Nepalese movie industry has seen a great boom in the last decade. The entertainment industry took twists and turns before being stable at a stage where the actors started making a healthy living out of the movies. The collections made by movies are now making new records.

The cinema box collections have also seen leaning figures that explain the growth of Nepalese movies in the market. Breakthrough movies like- Loot have always been praised to keep audience engaged in the scene.

Among all these successes and failures, a lot of stars have successfully bagged a huge sum with their acting skills. How much do actors get paid for blockbusters?  Every one of us wants to know; thus we present you the list:

Top 7 Highest Paid NEPALI Actors

1. Jiwan Liutel

Jiwan Luitel is the home name to the world of the Nepalese entertainment industry. Mr. Luitel started his journey with the renowned title of Mr. Nepal in 2002. Since then, he has worked in more than 65 movies. His first movie was ‘Tirkha’ which was released in 2007.

Achievement is the primary thing that strikes who made his presentation in the Nepali film industry in 2007 with “Tirkha”. His noteworthy acting abilities can be found in motion pictures like Sano Sansar (2008), Nai Na bhannu la, his film Nasib Aafno in 2010.

Furthermore granted as Best Actor in National Films Award (2010), Andaz(2011), Notebook(2013). He got the honor of KTV’s best debutant performer for Maliti Ko Bhatti in 2013. Jiwan Liutel is paid approx three to four Lakhs per movie.

2. Aryan Sigdel

Aryan Sigdel appeared in the Nepali movie industry Sansar gives the stage in the Nepali film industry. Later his movies “Dhoom, Stupid Rain, Classics” get the achievement and he raised his marking rate.

His debutant film “Sano Man, Nai Navannu la” get achievement in the cloudy market. Aryan Sigdel is paid about in the best cinematographically crafted movie Kagbeni. Further, he rose to fame with the five to six lakhs per movie.

3. Saugat Malla

Actually, Saugat Malla had won the audiences’ heart movie Loot. He is a perfect example of, “You don’t need fair skin to be a star”.

He was reknowned as the famous Haku Kale in Nepali cinema accompanied by the catchy phrase “Bal Haina Pasa Dimagh Laga”. Saugat Malla has done back to back contributions with blockbuster movies in the Nepalese Entertainment industry. He takes 10-12 lakhs per movie as his salary.

4. Dayahang Rai

He has shown his ability in different
Kabaddi, Loot 2, Sabda, Lukamari and so on. Saugat Malla is paid approximately 7 to 9 lakhs per movie.

Genre movies like Loot, Kabaddi, Fanko, Jholey, Purano Dunga, White Sun, Sanghuro, Talakjung
Nepali actor in comedic as well as dramatic roles. He has broken all of the benchmarks for a super star. Dayahang is a pure example of great acting skills.

5. Nikhil Upreti

A famous action king who jumped from seven storey tall buildings takes about 9-10 lakhs per movie.
He has contributed the industry with more than 100 movies. His notable movies include Hami Tin Bhai, Bhairava, Nirbhaya,
storied building of Manipal Hospital in debut movie Pijada, Nikhil Upreti had served cinema
Radha, King, Dhadkan, Lootera, Shanrakshan and much more. He had bagged a National Award.

6. Anmol K.C.

A youthful actor Anmol K.C debuted cinema. His most popular movies had made
the audience and soon he became an emerging heartthrob among girls. He has been featured in romantic
him the highest-paid Nepali Actor. He has signed an amount of 20 lakhs for the movie.

7. Pradeep Khadka

A romantic comedy Prem Geet movie starrer all the way to the second-highest-paid actor in Nepal. Pradeep Khadka is accumulating the upcoming projects hand Pradeep Khadka lured audiences with his charm overnight.

His franchise Prem Geet was equally in hand. His movie Lily Bily had signed him an amount of 25 lakhs, topping the list.



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