If you are a 90’s kid, you would probably remember the famous Nepali software Typeshala. This legendary software reminds me of my initial days with computers.


It is a software that was designed to help people type in Nepali and English with the approach of fun learning. As we can see below, there used to be options like; various levels and modes as well.

Download Typeshala.exe for Windows 16 or 32 bit

Typeshala not running in Windows 10?

There is a basic explanation of why does this happens. Typeshala was created for a 16 bit CPU. As we have advanced, CPU has moved to 64 bits now. So, it’s not about Typeshala but all of the 16 bits application can’t be run in Windows 10.

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But we have got some good news for you! There are two ways which you can use to run Typeshala or any of such application in a 64bit windows;

1. Using Virtual Machine

The first step involves creating a virtual 16bit Windows XP in your computer with the help of an application. The view below shows the steps;


2. Online Typeshala

There is a website existing on the internet that provides a similar look and feel as the original software. This is the best way to use this software as the hectic process is eliminated and you can easily access the website and get going in seconds.

Online Typeshala: Learn Nepali Typing

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