tipping a mover in Sydney

Tip your Movers: How Much and Why It Matters

Okay, so you’re all moved in now. There were no mishaps or problems of any kind; everything arrived safely and in one piece. You have already hired and found to your satisfaction, from house moving service in NSW┬áhas to offer. One thing is still unclear, though: should I tip, and if so, how much?

In Australia, tipping is frequently disregarded and undervalued. It is more of a practice in the United States and continental Europe than it is here.

However, tipping is still considered standard practice in certain fields, such as hospitality and cash transactions where a customer feels their waitress or contractor went above and beyond the call of duty.

As far as removalists are concerned, there is no hard and fast rule. Some movers provide their services for next to nothing in exchange for cash on the spot.

These movers typically don’t care as much about your things, don’t provide packing materials, and don’t charge as much. If these movers have done a very fantastic job, it is common practice to reward them with a tip.

Tip not required when employing Sydney’s most reputable, though inexpensive, removal services. At the very least, not in the shape of a financial windfall! Providing a cold drink and a light snack won’t be necessary because of the quality of your business, but it will be greatly appreciated.

Remember how much of a difference a good, hardworking removalist can make for you. It’s not enough to just put in the time and effort to make sure your belongings make it to your new place without a hitch; you also need to be careful not to hurt yourself, your belongings, and, perhaps most importantly, your sanity during this chaotic and stressful time.

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Not to put too much salt on the wound, but if a removalist performs a fantastic job, you won’t even recall or notice them. Subconsciously, we tend to recall only the worst aspects of an event; this is why a skilled removalist who provides useful pointers, such as those regarding moving with pets or liquids, is so valuable.

Keep in mind that the most of the money you pay the moving company goes toward covering costs like insurance, trucks, etc., rather than paying the actual movers.

The vast majority of reliable movers will never even broach the subject of a tip. Most people don’t do it for that reason. But a glass of cold water would be welcome on those long, scorching, oppressive Sydney summer days!

If you’ve scheduled your move for the later part of the day, or if you’ve backloaded it, the movers may have already been packing and unpacking for several hours, so a quick sandwich or snack could be most welcome.

The most important piece of advice I can offer in regards to tipping movers is neither monetary in nature, nor does it involve providing the movers with food or beverages.

Attitude is everything. I really realize how difficult moving can be; I’ve written about it before. However, the finest gift you can give your movers is a heartfelt expression of appreciation and a cheerful disposition. It’s amazing how rarely this occurs, but it can brighten anyone’s day (including your own).