The largest city in Nepal, the town of Kathmandu, offers its golden pagodas and charming villages a variety of historical places, ancient temples, and shrines.

The zoos in Kathmandu are a must if anyone travels to explore wildlife. Also, Kathmandu can bring tourists a lot, and the Central Zoo in Kathmandu Nepal is one of his well-reserved glories.

Prime Minister Rana established it in 1932. Also, it was a private zoo at first, but in 1956 it opened up to the public.

So many mammals, birds, and snakes are housed in the zoo. This zoo is built from Asian elephants to 4-horned alligators, blue sheep from the Himalayan to water buffalo, also tortoises from Aldabra, and Chinese alligators.

Top 10 Animals in Nepal’s Central Zoo

1. Bengal Tiger

The Bengal tiger belongs to the Indian subcontinent. It is endangered by biodiversity, degradation, and land destruction, and by 2011 has been recorded at fewer than 2 500 inhabitants.

2. Hippopotamus

A big, mainly plant-based semi-aquatic mammal and a single unguled, raised in Subsaharan Africa, is hippopotamus, also recognized by the name hippotamus. “River horse” is the greek ancient meaning of the name of this fascinating animal.

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3. Siamang

The siamang is a black furry arboreal gibbon that comes from the Indonesian, Malaysian, and also Thai forests. The tallest of the gibbons, the siamang can weigh up to 14 kg and can be double the height of other gibbons, up to 1 m.

4. Aldabra Tortoise

The world’s biggest free-roaming turtle ever recorded is a 672 pound (305 kg) Aldabra tortoise. Aldabra is the home to this rare tortoise species.

5. Chinese alligator

The Chinese alligator is a critically endangered Crocodile endemic to China, which is known as the Yangtze Alligator or the China alligator or historically muddy dragon.

6. Dusky eagle-owl

Dusky eagle-owl is an Eyebrow species popular in South and Southeast Asia in the Strigidae family. It is listed in the IUCN Red List as the lowest concern.

7. Indian rhinoceros “Gaida”

Indian rhinoceros, also known as bigger single-horned rhinocéros and large Indian rhinocéros, are rhinocéros that come from the Indian subcontinent.

It is classified on the IUCN red list in the context of a dispersed population of fewer than 20,000 km2. And that is considered a fragile population status.

8. Red panda

The red panda is a mammal species found in the eastern and southwestern Himalayas of China.

The wild population is reported to be fewer than 10 000 mature people and continues to decline due to habitat destruction and degradation, poaching, and distress among inbreeding individuals. It is classified as endangered by IUCN Red List.

9. Clouded leopard

The clouded leopard is a wild medium-sized cat from the Himalayans to southern China through Southeast Asia.

This animal is the real beauty of nature and is one of the major attractions in the Nepalese zoo.

10. Leopard cat

A leopard cat from Southeast, East, and South Asia is a tiny wild animal. It is one of the fascinating animals in Nepal’s zoo.

It has been included in the IUCN Red List since 2002, as its range is widely spread, although it is at risk of habitat loss and hunting.


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