A new TV antenna installation on your roof can cost anywhere between $300 and $500 in Australia. The sort of mount needed, the kind of building you’re in, your technician’s skill, and whether you need any additional equipment to acquire a decent signal or set up your home theater area can all affect this. Without receiving an accurate onsite price for your needs, it is hard to know how much your TV antenna installation will cost as every home and circumstance is unique.

Factors Affecting the Price of Installing an Antenna Point

The number of TV points required

The cost of installing each TV point is partially determined by the required number of points. However, prices are typically on a sliding scale; the more TV points you install at once, the less expensive each one is. Consider carefully where you will place future TVs and where you will add antenna points because doing everything at once will save you money in the long run.

Still unsure of how many you require? The following areas in your house might benefit from having a TV point added:

The opposite wall of your living room (so you can move the furniture around)

  • Your shed or garage
  • Your play area
  • Your lodging
  • your master suite
  • your children’s rooms

Visit our TV point installation guide to learn more about the amount of TV points available and where you can place them. In our previous blog, 10 unique TV point installations for your home, you’ll also find some helpful information on the many places you may install a TV.

Locations of Your TV Points

Simply put, you can anticipate paying less for the installation of your antenna point if your TV points are closer to your antenna.

Home: Single vs. Multi-Storey

For three reasons, single-story residences will always be less expensive than multi-story ones:

The length of the cable needed to connect your digital antenna to your TV points is less.
The task of feeding the cable through the interior walls is significantly simpler.

In general, less time and equipment are needed to do a task safely.

Of course, this just makes things more difficult if you live in a huge apartment building. Before scheduling the installation of your TV point, you’ll probably also need to have the body corporate’s consent. In our previous blog, Your Guide to Antenna Repairs for Apartment Living, you might be able to find some helpful advice.

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You’ll probably be close to your technician’s headquarters if you live in an urban location, which will save you money on travel costs. In general, you can anticipate paying a small premium to account for travel time if you live in a remote area.

Your Wall Designs

Gyprock, plasterboard, and drywall installation costs are often comparable. Your technician’s methods and tools will vary depending on whether your wall is composed of brick, stone, concrete, or wood. If they are unable to hide the cable internally, they will probably need to extend the wire length and then complete the installation by adding a cord cover.

Whether a wall is internal or external is another consideration. Because the cable doesn’t have to travel as far to reach your TV wall point, external walls can be less expensive.

Any extra items you need

You might be able to get away with utilizing a signal splitter at your existing TV point if you already have one. Then, connect your wiring from the splitter to your new point. However, it will depend on the strength of your signal, the kind of your walls, and the separation between TV locations. You’ll likely need additional materials, such as: if your project is a little more complicated or intricate.

An amplifier – If your signal is weak even after being spread among several TV wall points, your technician might advise getting an amplifier to boost it sufficiently.
A better antenna – Many consumers find it to be cost-effective and time-saving to complete a scheduled antenna upgrade concurrently with their antenna point installation.
Upgrades to cable – Typically, your technician will inspect the state of your existing cable when installing additional TV wall points and will advise replacing it concurrently if it is in poor shape.
Additionally, you may wish to improve your TV space with items like:

Installing audiovisual equipment will give you a built-in, surround-sound cinema experience.
installation of a TV wall mount Therefore, your TV is securely mounted in the ideal location, covering your antenna point.