Knowing who to contact when you require legal counsel might be challenging. For any legal issue to be resolved successfully, it is crucial to know who to call in an emergency.

Any anyone qualified to provide legal advice in one or more legal fields is referred to as a “lawyer” in the general sense. Solicitors and barristers are both examples of different kinds of lawyers. So what distinguishes an attorney from a barrister or a lawyer from a solicitor?

The primary distinctions among attorneys, solicitors, and barristers are covered in this article. We’ll go over each position’s responsibilities and the education requirements necessary to qualify them to provide legal advice.

What is a lawyer?

A person who has attained legal qualifications is referred to as a lawyer. Usually, they have a Juris Doctor or Bachelor of Laws degree, which gives them the necessary legal education to be able to provide legal advice. Consequently, the term “lawyer” is a general term that refers to any legal professional, including both a solicitor and a barrister.

Similar to other professions like medicine, lawyers (both solicitors and barristers) can specialize based on the area of law they practice. Family lawyer in Sydney  , for instance, concentrate on matters like child custody and prenuptial agreements. In contrast, a criminal lawyer concentrates on matters involving clients who are charged with offenses like assault or rape.

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What is a Solicitor?

A lawyer who has earned a law degree and possesses a practicing certificate is referred to as a solicitor under the Legal Profession Uniform Law (NSW). This certificate is obtained following completion of Practical Legal Training (PLT) and admission to the practice of law. Before receiving a practicing certificate, attorneys must first undergo 18 to 24 months of supervised practice.

For lawyers who handle disputes, the majority of their time is spent outside of court and dealing with issues related to litigation preparation, such as putting together evidence and claims, or negotiating settlements. Unless a barrister is necessary, however, solicitors will show up in court.

Who are barristers?

When a court case contains complicated issues, a solicitor may ask a barrister to represent their clients in court. A barrister cannot be hired directly by a client.

A barrister is a skilled lawyer. In particular areas of law, they offer specialized legal guidance. Most of the time, barristers represent people and businesses in court.

After passing the exams and fulfilling the qualifications for their respective state’s Bar authority, a solicitor can become a barrister.

What  is an Attorney?

With the exception of “trademark attorneys,” the term “attorney” or “attorney-at-law” is not frequently used in Australia. A more typical term is “lawyer” or “solicitor.” For instance, in the US, the term “attorney” is used to refer generally to a lawyer who has passed the bar test and is permitted to practice law in a specific jurisdiction. Attorneys practice law, however not all attorneys are qualified to handle legal matters.