There are a number of variables that affect the total price of moving in Sydney, or the price of hiring a removalist in Sydney.

Size of your home and quantity of furnishings.

Obviously, it will take more time to pack, move, and unpack a large house than a smaller unit. Some homes have few furnishings while others are overflowing with furniture.

Loading or unloading status of items

If every last item has been loaded onto the truck. Unfortunately, when our Sydney removalists arrive at a customer’s house, the clients aren’t always ready for the big day. What we mean by “ready” is that we have everything packed up and labeled according to the room they go.

If you deconstruct all of your furniture before the movers arrive, they won’t have to either. Loading your truck will take longer if you have a large number of objects that need to be carried from your home to the truck and back again. Also, unlike moving boxes, unfastened items are far more difficult to stack in the removal vehicle.


How far apart your two houses are from one another. The movers’ trip time will be minimized depending on the physical distance between your two homes.

Parking availability

Truck parking is available at both locations. It’s crucial to let the movers know ahead of time if there’s a loading dock or parking near your home where the truck may park. The boys will appreciate it if you can book a parking spot for the truck at your premises ahead of time, as finding a place to park is a hassle in most parts of Sydney.

How much could one expect to pay for the services of a removalist in Sydney?

The cost to hire a removalist¬† ¬†below is based on Hire A Movers’ typical hourly rates, which are $170 per hour for two guys and a vehicle with GST. $220 per hour is the pay for 3 workers and a truck. There is often a one-time travel cost of $85 for a two-man job and $110 for a three-man job if you are travelling within 30 kilometers of the Sydney CBD. These prices are GST-inclusive.

  • It would cost between $425 and $765 to move a standard studio or one-bedroom apartment, which would take two movers and a truck two to four hours to complete.
  • In the event that your relocation takes place within the immediate metropolitan region, a call out/travel fee of $85 will be added to the total.
  • It would cost between $765 and $1105 to relocate a standard 2 bedroom apartment or house, which would take 2 movers and a truck between 4-6 hours. Assuming local relocation, this also includes a $85 call out/travel fee.

Are these prices affordable, pricey, or standard in Sydney?

You may always find services charging more per hour, as well as those charging less per hour. The bottom line is that this won’t make your relocation any less expensive.

Keep in mind that the time it takes novice movers to relocate your belongings will greatly exceed that of skilled movers. For one thing, it takes skill to load a truck correctly so that nothing gets broken in transit.

Choosing a Sydney removalist based on pricing alone is risky because inexperienced movers are more likely to damage your furniture, which could result in additional expenses.

Goods in Transit insurance and Public Liability insurance (PLI) are in place to protect you from financial loss in the extremely unlikely case of an accident.