The best time to visit Nepal depends on your purpose to visit Nepal. You cannot expect to play snows in the Himalayas in the summer season or celebrate Christmas in the mid of April, can you?

Nepal is a country which has various kinds of land topography and experiences various types of climates. Between October and December is when most of the tourist prefer to visit Nepal because this is the time where spectacular views of the clear skies are visible. The weather remains dry till about April.

Jan and February may be terribly cold, particularly at midnight. However, can reward you with unbelievable panoramas and quieter trekking trails as there are fewer guests. Late spring is a lovely time to travel because the rhododendrons burst into bloom.

From May, heat and wetness levels build till the monsoon rains arrive in June and also the clouds obscure the fantastic mountain views. Asian country celebrates festivals all year, therefore there’s typically a festival or pilgrimage happening – you can contact us on Instagram for additional details because of the dates typically amendment from year to year.

Seasons: Introduction

Autumn (Sep-Nov):

The weather is obvious and dry, and neither too cold within the high country nor too hot in the Terai.  With the pollution and dirt (and several bugs) washed away by the monsoon rains, the mountains are at their most visible, creating this a wonderful time for trekking. 2 major festivals, Dasain and Tihar, additionally fall throughout this period.

The draw back is that the holidaymaker quarters and trekking trails are heaving, costs are higher and it should be hard to seek out a good space. Meanwhile, people experiencing the adventurous sports or visiting Nepal to explore wildlife can expect to visit around these months.

dashain celebration
Celebration of Dashain

Winter (Dec-Feb):

The cold season in the Kingdom of Nepal is usually clear and stable. It never snows in the capital of Nepal. However, mornings are wet and chilly there – and in trekking areas. The fierce cold will make lodge-owners shut up the business altogether. This can be a superb time to visit the Terai, and if you’ll be able to face the cold, a rare time to be within the mountains too.

winter in nepal
Winter season in Nepal

Spring (Mar-May):

It is the second traveler season, with its hotter weather and longer days. Rhododendrons are in bloom within the hills towards the top of this period, and because the Terai’s long grasses are cut, spring is the best time to go to for viewing wildlife – despite the increasing heat.

You can expect to see the wildlife of Nepal at its best during the spring. This season is also suitable for adventurous sports and trekking.

Blooming rhododendron

Monsoon (Jun-Aug):

People of Nepal welcome the monsoon, the timing of which can vary by a couple of weeks each year, however usually begins in mid-June and peters out in the last weeks of Sept. The fields awake with speeding water and green shoots, and this will be a desirable time to go to, once Nepal is at its most original version: the air is clean, flowers are in bloom, butterflies are everyplace and contemporary fruit and vegetables are significantly rich.

monsoon nepal
The Ropain festival

However, they’re also drawbacks: mountain views are rare, leeches begin to operate on the mid-elevation trekking routes, roads, are also blocked by landslides, and flights may be canceled.

Perfect months to celebrate festivals

As Nepal uses its own unique calendar called the Bikram Sambat. No one can tell whether or not any festival will fall on the same Georgian calendar month or not. So, to get the updated information about the Nepalese festivals; please follow this link.

Best Time to Visit NEPAL FAQs

What is the cheapest time to visit Nepal?
A: June to August, as it is downtime

Which month can we see rhododendron in Nepal?
A: Spring season is the best time

Is June a good time to visit Nepal?
A: Yes, you can expect to travel at a low cost and also experience the rice-planting festival ‘Ropain’

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