The body is a blank canvas and the best-planned tattoos can make the canvas an art piece.

Among many things that come in mind while thinking of a tattoo design, the flag of your country might be on the list.


And maybe the flag tattoo idea might be the top in the list if your country has only a non-quadrilateral unique flag in the world.

Yes! I am talking about the country none other than Nepal. Please go through the list for Nepalese Flag tattoo ideas.

10 Best Nepal Flag Tattoo Designs

1. This one deserves to be number one for many reasons. One of which is;

This is made by a foreigner. It feels good to know that people all over the world are interested in the Nepalese Flag.

No photo description available.

2. Number two on our list is a young guy who got this tattoo in his arm. The tattoo looks pretty cool.Image may contain: one or more people and closeup

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3. This fancy design made in our list with a unique twist. The shape is changed to cover the arm.Nepal Flag Tattoo In Hand About Collections

4. This Nepali actress is also an inspiration for the youths. She not only has the flag but also has tattood “I Love”.Tattoo Suvekshya Thapa Draws Nepali Flag On Top Of Her

5. This guy took the design to the next level and made a really fancy piece of art out of it.

6. Now, this is what I call a real Patriot.Image may contain: one or more people

7. Now, this thing made into the list because of the fancy full cover. Also, for the reason that these flags are denoted as Nepali flag by many of the foreigners. tattoo of prayer flags by India Amara in Toronto (Nepali script done previously)

8. Behold! All of the precious heritages of Nepal in a single tattoo.

9. This design is really popular. Not only because it is simple but also covers a lot of things and portrays a lot as well.Afbeeldingsresultaat voor nepal tattoo | Nepal tattoo, Moutain ...

10. Now, the last in our list looks like a modified version of a design we have already seen. The color is light and looks good.No photo description available.