Are you looking for the best Nepalese Jewellery shop in Sydney? Well, then you are at the right place.
It is difficult for expatriate Nepalese living in Sydney, to find the exact Nepali touch in jewellery. We have done our research and come up with the best Nepalese jewellery shop from where you can get authentic traditional gold, silver, and diamond jewels.

Before moving further, let’s know about the Nepalese love for jewellery and its significance of it.

What is the significance of wearing jewellery?

Understanding the history of Nepal is crucial if one wants to learn more about traditional jewellery manufacturing there, as it is closely related to Tibet in many aspects. In Nepal, it is reported that jewellery-making began in the 5th century. To this day, its significance is growing among all Nepalese.
Jewellery is frequently seen as a fashion element for finishing off a look. For many people, a look isn’t finished until the appropriate accessories are worn.
Since ancient times, jewels has been a significant part of human culture. History teaches us that ancient civilizations valued jewellery and used it to emphasize the innate beauty of those who wore it.
Various accessories were worn to convey a variety of messages, including safety, elegance, knowledge, and prosperity.

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Why do Nepalese people love to wear jewellery?

Nothing can adore a woman more than traditional Nepalese jewellery. . It stands for the culture they have experienced throughout their lives. Well, not only Nepalese especially each woman from all across the globe love to possess traditional Nepalese jewellery.

One of the most important aspects of Nepalese culture and religion is jewellery. No function is complete without wearing it. Especially at weddings, jewellery is highly regarded for its aesthetic value. The more intricate and subtle these jewels are, the greater their significance to the family’s history and the jewellery’s value.
Therefore, the elegance of Nepalese jewellery has been able to allure both ex-Nepalese as well as locals residing in Sydney.

What kinds traditional Nepalese jewellery are popular?

There are hundreds of distinct ethnic groups in Nepal, each with its own set of customs and traditions, and each of these groups holds its own festivals throughout the year. Gold jewellery, however, is worn by people of many backgrounds and cultures.

At Hindu celebrations such as Teej, Dashain, Shivaratri, etc., married women will wear Tilhari, a gold necklace with multiple strands of bright beads. In marriage, it signifies a long-lasting bond among newlyweds. They hope that by using Tilhari, their husband’s health and lifetime will improve.
Similarly, other gold accessories such as gold necklaces, earrings, ‘Sir bindi’, ‘Rani Har’, ‘Bulaki’, etc. These are very popular items of jewellery among Nepalese.

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Why purchase jewellery from a Nepalese jewellery shop in Sydney?

In Nepal, jewellery-making is an authentic and unique method. These jewels from Nepal are renowned for their healing abilities, which help to preserve cosmic balance.
You can easily get casual diamond or pearl accessories from any jewellery shop in Sydney. However, if you’re looking for authentically handcrafted Nepalese unique jewellery, there’s no better place to go than the Nepalese jewellery shop. Because only a Nepali can know the emotion and significance while making it.

Besides typical Nepali jewellery, you can also get to choose brand-new contemporary styles that incorporate traditional elements in Nepali shops.

Which is the best Nepali jewellery shop in Sydney?

Buddha Jewellery Sydney is the best Nepali jewelry shop in Sydney for authentic design. You can get all the traditional Nepalese 24K gold jewellery at a reasonable price. Further, they also provide free home delivery service throughout Sydney.

How to contact them?

If you are planning to purchase the finest quality gold items from Buddha Jewellery, then you can contact by the following ways:
Shop 2, 1/5 The Seven Ways, Rockdale, NSW, 2216 Sydney, NSW, Australia 2216

Contact Number: +61 2 9599 8890
Or you can visit their Instagram page by clicking here.