A picture frame contains more than just a photograph. As a method to commemorate a specific period from the past, it is put on the mantel or hung on the wall and includes a moment that has been preserved in time. Thinking about WALL, there are three things famous in NEPAL;

Mo:mos, tea, and the love for clicking pictures. No doubts, that Nepalese photographers are the real heroes of the community. With a staggering number of Nepalese in Sydney, people often find their nearest photographer booked. Whether it be, a marriage, weaning ceremony, or a birthday, without a photographer, the event loses its charm. So, we are presenting you a list of Nepali photographers to get in touch with in case your regular photographer is booked for your event date.

Top Nepali Photographers in Sydney

Roshan Mainali

Roshan Mainali is one of the rising talents in Sydney. He collaborated with almost all event management companies capturing the best memories of people’s lives. Roshan is really experienced when it comes to bringing pictures to life. He can be contacted through his Instagram handle @toriivlogs.

Suren Shrestha

Suren Shrestha is a very known name when it comes to photography in Sydney. He specializes in events photography and is very busy during the wedding seasons. Suren can be contacted through his official Facebook page; Suren’s Photography.

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How much do Nepali photographers charge in Sydney?

The cost of hiring a Sydney-based Nepali photographer depends upon a lot of things. Some of the factors are; time, location, and services needed. You can expect to hire a photographer for $800-1000 for events like birthdays and weaning ceremonies. Getting in touch with them and asking for a quote is no harm. Please feel free to. 🙂

Who is the best Nepali photographer in Sydney?

Roshan Mainali is the best Nepali photographer in Sydney. Roshan along with his team is best when it comes to wedding photography, events photography, and portraits.

How to get in touch with Roshan Mainali?

Getting in touch with Roshan is very simple. You can either message them on his Instagram handle  @toriivlogs  or directly call him at; 0480 170 491.

Who is your favorite Nepali photographer, please write down in the comments below.