Applying for a new job abroad and asked for police verification? Now, don’t worry, you don’t need to be able to apply, collect and send a letter from your relatives in Kathmandu. Electronic verification service for Nepalese living abroad was introduced by the Nepalese Police.

This allows you to figure out your personal verification process in foreign countries. Wherever it is, for your permanent residency, a job or a temporary visa.

Character screening or police records is a completely unpredictable process from Nepal. Specifically for visa applicants residing abroad, such as Australia, the United States, and Canada.

Now, the Nepal Police has streamlined the process and made it electronic so that Nepalese living abroad can get it simpler, faster and smarter. Nepal Police Crime Investigation Department has launched a new service to provide a Police Clearance Certificate via email.

Documents: Police report in Nepal

  • Passport (Especially page 2,3 and 31 / all pages in some cases)
  • Application form
  • Passport size digital photo (color)
  • Marriage certificate (in case of women)
  • Citizenship certificate

Online Process: Police Report

Watch this video below to know the step by step process to get Nepalese police report vis email.




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  1. Sir
    Maro name tilbahadur biswakarma ho ma indian army daki retired vayara aba DSC ma jana KO lagi police clarence catifica Chiyo r ma tapi lai requests gardai xau KI maro police clarence maro mail ma pathidinu hola
    Tapi ko Kirpa hunton

  2. haina yo police report online huna 3 days lagcha vanako cha notice ma bt aaja 9 days vaisakayo police report for varyako ajhai verified matrai vancha . bivag ma call garyo vanee RS.1000 dinus 5 minutes ma oline huncha vancha ?? kasto kalkho rule aayo feri??

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