It is said that “Live music is medicine for the mind”. With a large number of young Sydney-based fan bases, VTEN is here yet another time. However, this time, it’s a WHITE PARTY, unlike any other regular VTEN concert.

About VTEN

Known professionally as VTEN, rapper Samir Ghising is from Nepal and has worked in the music industry for more than a decade. For example, he’s collaborated with artists like Girish Khatiwada. Rapper Ghising got his start in the rap game by winning over fans with his impressive rapping abilities.

It has been said of his songs that they are realism, relatability, and strong and remarkable self-expression of sentiments, all of which have been acclaimed. Also, O\on YouTube, he has become the first Nepali solo artist to reach one million followers.

Churot, Hami Yastai ta Honi Bro, Sim Sime Pani, Himmat, Cypher, Kathaa, Manche Khattam, and a slew of other hits helped him attain notoriety.

VTEN’s music videos are usually out of this world, and ‘Galli Sadak’ is no exception. VTEN, as always, goes all out with his music videos, whether it’s the opulent white homes he rents or the FBI agents assigned to track him down.

With his songs, VTEN tells the story of his rise from a street kid to one of the most popular rap singers in the country’s history. With a huge fan base, he is one of the most followed Nepali artist in the scene.

When is VTEN coming to Sydney?

VTEN is performing at Bankstown Paceway on 16th June 2022. The event is organized and managed by Funtastic Events.

What is the ticket price?

The tickets for this event starts at $35. Also, this is a first release price and it is expected to go high up to $75.

Where to buy tickets for the concert?

You can buy tickets for this event on Ticket Plus. Please click here to buy the tickets.