Looking for a restaurant that serves the best momos in Sydney?

“Mome” refers to steam cooking in Newari, one of the oldest languages spoken in Nepal. Momo, which is available in every restaurant, hotel, and home in Katmandu and other regions of Nepal, is to that country what pizza is to Italy.

Momo is comparable to Mount Everest, one of Nepal’s icons. As a result of the Nepalese populations who have emigrated overseas, its popularity has now transcended national borders and is expanding throughout the rest of the world.

Momo are more or less like dumplings that are served in neighbouring nations under various names. They are similar to gyoza in Japan, buuz in Mongolia, and baozi, jiaozi, or mantou in China.

In truth, bao, a filled doughnut and a distant relative of momo, may be found in Vietnam if you visit to Southeast Asia.

Best Momos in Sydney

1. Everest Mo:Mo Australia

As the name suggest Everest is a unique Sydney based Nepali restaurant which serves variety of MOMOS. Everest Momos claim to serve highest variety of this specialty food in Australia. Also, they have momos variety from Sukuti momo to Sadheko momo in their menu.

Address: Shop 6/151-155 Hawkesbury Rd, Westmead NSW 2145

Other Food to try: Chatpate mo:mo, Sukuti mo:mo

2. Falcha Nepali Restaurant

Falcha is one of the newest Nepalese eatery in Sydney run by a team of young Nepalese entrepreneurs. Also, they are well known for their food fusion and twist they bring out in our taste buds.

Address: Shop 1/165 Forest Rd, Hurstville NSW 2220

Other Food to try: Green mo:mo, Buff chhoila

3. Momos Hub Nepalese Restaurant

The Momos Hub is one of the most popular Nepalese restaurant in Sydney. It is centrally located in the Sydney city. Similar to weather in London, bookings in The Momos Hub are un-perfectible; my advice is please book before you visit.

Address: 636 George St, Sydney NSW 2000

Other Food to try: Newari Khaja Set, Dhido Ko Thali, Piro Sausage

How much does a meal for two cost in a Nepalese restaurant?

A meal for two at a Nepalese restaurant can cost anywhere from $70 to $100. Nepalese cuisine have starters like potato salads, chilli chicken, and other South Asia inspired dishes. For drinks you can order traditional Nepalese rice wine, yoghurt based drinks, or Nepali beer. Also, if you need a Nepali photographer in Sydney: please check out Top nepali Photographers in Sydney.

Similarly, most of the restaurants will also have a mo:mo platter or a street food platter. Finally, main meal can be curry and rice or a traditional plate which consists of different variety of meat, condiments, and beaten rice or steamed rice.

Please write down in comments, what is your favourite Nepali restaurant in Sydney?