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Home relocation may be a hectic period that requires lots of preparation and hard work. Many of us change residences multiple times throughout our lifetimes, whether we are sizing up, sizing down, moving across the country, or moving to a new country.

As a courtesy, we have compiled a moving house checklist of some of the more frequent tasks that should be completed before you finally lock the front door behind you for good.

How Can You Benefit From Using A Moving Checklist?

It can be helpful to make a moving checklist in advance. Yes, it’s possible that you forgot anything, especially after you’ve moved out of the old place and seen the living room or basement without the old couch or pool table.

Make an informed decision on the size and difficulty of your move.

Think on how much you have to transfer and how you will do it. Your time and money could be saved with some advance preparation.

Examine what you now possess. What items are suitable for packing in boxes? What’s the rough estimate for how many you could require, and what dimensions specifically?

Do you have any unwanted belongings that you may give to charity or sell before you relocate? Is there anything particularly valuable that you’d like to be handled with care? Do you have any bulky or oddly shaped furniture that would be difficult to remove?

Is it better to hire a removal company or do it yourself?

If you’re doing the job yourself, you’ll want to make a list of everything you have to relocate. Where will you put everything, exactly? How many times would you have to drive there? How much does it cost to rent a ute, truck, or trailer, and what are the insurance implications? Is it possible to move the larger pieces of furniture to the desired locations, including hauling them up any flights of stairs?

If you’d rather hire a removalist Sydney, it’s a good idea to look about and compare prices and services offered by different firms.

Accumulate shipping materials, including boxes and wrapping

Is it true that you will be personally responsible for packaging your household goods? If so, you’ll likely want to stock up on sturdy moving boxes and reliable packing tape. You might use some extra padding, like some paper or bubble wrap, to safeguard your valuables during transport. Packing materials and boxes of all sizes and shapes may be purchased from most movers and storage facilities, including wardrobe boxes with a rod for hanging clothes and padded boxes for fragile items. Boxes might be found in surplus at several stores.

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Packing and consolidation

It’s common to find items you’d forgotten about or simply don’t want to take with you to your new place of residence once packing gets underway. Skip bin rentals, garage sales, and charitable donations are all options to consider when clearing out your home of unwanted possessions.

 Reconnecting and resetting Your Utility Connections

If you know when you’ll be moving out, you can schedule the disconnection of your utilities at your old home and their connection when you move in.

Schedule a cleaning

It is common to have the option of either cleaning a rental home yourself or hiring a professional cleaning service (depending on which state or territory you live in). Whether you need a bond clean after leaving a rental or want your new home to be spotless before you move in, there are many cleaners who are equipped to serve those who are moving.

Plan for the future, and think about insurance.

If you are moving soon, it is wise to review your insurance coverage. When you unpack, do you need to worry about anything breaking or disappearing? You may be able to get coverage for your possessions while they are in transit if you already have contents insurance. If not, alternative forms of insurance, such as transit insurance, should be considered.

Make sure your current address is correct.

Make sure your service providers have your updated contact information by informing them of your move so that you don’t miss any critical correspondence and your account information remains accurate.