Jewelry has an undoubted ability to bring out a women’s best features and personality. And it is seen most commonly as a fashion accessory for completing an outfit. But in some cultures it is more than just a fashion accessory, it’s an expression of their culture.

Nepal, for instance, is a beautiful country of diverse traditions and cultures. You would see Nepalese women beautifully enhancing their traditional attire with their traditional jewelry

Not only to reflect culture, but Nepalese also wear certain ornaments to protect themselves from the negative energy and to get connected to positive energies.

Where almost everybody loves jewelry, there are still some people who might think that jewelry does nothing more than making a person look fancy.

Well, you would be amused to know that jewelry is one of the best forms of investment. So, next time you want to gift your husband/wife something special, gift them a piece of jewelry. It’s a win-win for both of you.

Types of Nepali Jewelries

Gold Jewellery

Gold, it’s a metal that has been used to make jewelry from the earliest civilization. Mainly because of its beauty that lures everybody, also because of its anti-rust property. In Hindu culture, gold is the symbol of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth.

In Hindu tradition, gold carries ethnic and spiritual meaning, especially at weddings. We believe that gold purifies everything it touches. At weddings, the Nepalese bride is jeweled from head to toe, with each piece of jewelry having its unique significance. Some of the cultural and most commonly used gold jewelers of Nepal are  Potte, Tilhari, Jantar, Nau Gedi, Pancharatna Bala, etc.

Did you know that gold is not just a luxurious metal but it also has several health benefits? Yes, you read it right. Gold helps to regulate your body temperature, reduces stress and anxiety, boosts immunity. If you are into taking good care of skin, you might as well know that gold has anti-aging properties and also works as a treatment for certain skin infections.

Silver Jewelries

Silver has been linked to luxury for decades. When it comes to silver jewelry, two terms generally come out i.e. sterling silver ns pure silver. You might be thinking, what’s the difference between them. Well, pure silver, also known as fine silver contains 99.9% of pure silver and 1% of trace elements. Whereas sterling silver consists of 92.5% of pure silver and 7.5% of other metals.

Both silver is used in making jewelry. Fine silver being expensive and less durable where sterling silver is less expensive and highly durable. You can use pure silver to make earrings and pendants because they have less exposure to rough wear.

Like gold, silver also ha sit create health benefits. Silver acts as an antibiotic. help sin avoiding toxic substances, help sin heat regulation and circulation, etc. Despite having many health benefits, silver might cause irritation to a certain number of people. It also gets tarnished pretty quickly so you have to clean it on a regular basis to keep it in wearable condition.

Diamond Jewelers in Nepal

Diamonds, it’s the new sensation for jewelry. Every second person I know either owns diamond jewelry or is saving for it. But is it worth the hype? Let’s have a look.

Many people think that a diamond is a good investment. They last forever, are always in demand and their values have increased over time. But actually, investing in diamonds is really a tricky business because of various reasons line price in transparency. The price of diamonds varies from place to place, varies according to size, and many more factors.

As for now, the only valuable quality in a diamond is what the owner sees in it. And when that quality is beauty, love, and emotion, it has something more than value: it has meaning.

Top 5 Jewellery Shop in Nepal

Shree Ridhi Sidhi Jewelers :

Shree Ridhi Sidhi Jewelers is one of the largest jewelry houses in Nepal which was established in 1997 AD. You can visit their Facebook page on or

call at +977 1-4228152 for further details.

2.Baraha Jewellery Industries Pvt. Ltd

Baraha Jewellery Industries Pvt. Ltd was established in 1995 AD. It is the first jewelry showroom in Nepal to get Nepal Standard Certification for its products. You can visit their official site on or

call at +977 1 4234567 | 4325647 for further details.

3. Apala Jewels

Apala Jewels were founded as Nepal’s first boutique studio in 2013 AD. It is a luxury brand with the most exclusive jewelry collections in Nepal. You can visit their official site on or

call at +977 1 4412916 for further details.

4. RB Diamond Jewelers

RB diamond Jewelers is Nepal’s top leading diamond business enterprise established in 1997 AD.  You can visit their official site on or

call at 0406 147 850 for further information.

5. Shalimar Jewelers

Shalimar Jewelers is one of the most trusted authentic jewelry in Nepal. It was established in 1994 AD. You can visit their official site on or

call at  01-4228672  for further information.

Current Gold Prices in Nepal

(write a paragraph on how you can view live gold prices in NRS)

The gold prices in Nepal as an update on 18th October 2020 is as:

24 Karat Gold Price In Nepal (NP) |2021

Gold Price in Nepal
Weight Gold Price in Nepalese Rupees (NPR)
Ounce 212,722.59 NPR
1 Gram 6,839.19 NPR
2 Grams 13,678.38 NPR
5 Grams 34,195.95 NPR
10 Grams 68,391.90 NPR


22 Karat Gold Price In Nepal (NP)

22 Karat Gold Price in Nepal (NP)
Weight Gold Price in Nepalese Rupees (NPR)
Ounce 194,995.78 NPR
1 Gram 6,269.26 NPR
2 Grams 12.538.52 NPR
5 Grams 31,346.30 NPR
10 Grams 62,692.60 NPR

Online Jewellery shop in Nepal

Online shopping was not popular in Nepal as it is now. Due to poor quantity, unreliable delivery, and payment methods, online shopping was not being much focused on. But now, online shops have increased in Nepal due to advancements in technology and updates in ways of buying/selling things online.

Not only groceries and apparel but people are also buying jewelry online. Some of the online jewelry stores in Nepal are:

1. Daraz : Daraz is one of the leading online stores in Nepal that provides all kinds of basic things. It also provides the facility of shopping for jewelry online. You can visit their store at .

2.Savya Jewels: Savya Jewels is an established platform to Buy Gold Jewellery Online with a fresh perspective towards jewelry making. It is one of the newly online jewelry shops in Nepal. You can visit their store at .

3. Gahanna online: Gahanna Online is an eCommerce website, that is one of the first niche-specific jewelry sellers in Nepal. They also have an option that lets you try the jewelry at home before you buy it. You can visit their store at .