Netflix is a subscription-based service that hosts video content. You’ve presumably known about Net­flix. Or on the other hand, most likely you don’t.

All things considered, in any case, it’s membership-based assistance that offers web-based spilling of a library of movies and TV programs—kind of a current interpretation of digital TV.

As an application, Netflix is accessible on all types of present-day media—TV, PC, and versatile. Have you caught wind of shows like ‘More peculiar Things’, ‘Place of Cards’, and ‘Dark Mirror’, or ‘Holy Games’ and ‘Choice Day’, yet never observed them on TV? Since they’re on Netflix.

The worldwide popu­lar culture pattern is going computerized and Netflix is the main medium to find the amusement world. It has an aggregate of 125 million hours of substance. From TV shows to narratives to motion pictures—they have you secured.

This service started streaming in Nepal in the year 2016. But, the problem is; Nepal’s bank doesn’t approve the international transaction. And Netflix is a US-based company.

However, there are three solutions which can help you to get Netflix in Nepal;

3 Ways to Get Netflix in Nepal

1. Using Gift Cards

You can basically purchase a Netflix Gift card from the Seller in Nepal and utilize that gift voucher for the Netflix Payment. You can discover Netflix Gift card merchants on Facebook gatherings yet consistently know about con artists.

Why this is number one? because you can enjoy 1 month of a free trial by signing up on your own. Also, you can resell the account by making 4 other profiles. Have a look at the video below to know how to redeem the gift cards on Netflix.

2. Getting a permit from the government

Now, I have not verified this method of getting Netflix but it looks real to me. You can send or receive  money to international bank accounts for certain reasons;

  • International students get a permit to send money to their universities.
  • Businessmen often send money to China by obtaining a permit.

A read about this method on Quora. According to which you can get a permit from the Ministry of finance and Nepal Rastra bank. TIP: Do not opt-in for reoccurring payment in the permit application forms as it is likely to get rejected.

After you get the permit all you need to do is go to any A class bank and pay for your Netflix.

3. Using international payment

Now, this is the easiest way to get Netflix in Nepal. Just ask any of your friends or relatives to stay abroad to pay for your subscription.

You can also try to connect to a random guy who stays abroad and give money to his brother or relative in Nepal in exchange for the subscription. (Best of luck, maybe you can get one for FREE)

Payment gateways like Paypal can also do the job. Or you can ask any of the IT  startups to help you out for a small fee. As most of them have often done international transactions.

BONUS: Method no. 4

This method is not likely to be profitable but is very easy. Just try to find Facebook groups where people sell Netflix profiles.

They are usually overpriced but anything like Rs. 400-600 per profile or Rs. 1200-1500 per account is reasonable. There are also certain websites that sell such kind of services.

Please write in the comments if you need any assistance. #NetflixAndChill!! 🙂



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