This article shows the scary side of Nepal, behold the top 10 Haunted places. Dive into this article and by the end, you will be able to name the scariest places in Nepal along with the ghost stories behind those places.

Nepal is not only a well-known country for tourism. It is also famous for haunted places. And why not? As most of Nepal’s areas are still remote and untouched.

Some of Nepal’s top haunted places have been kept on the list of most haunted places globally. Which made us curious to collect this list of not only the top 5 haunted places in Nepal (As seen on most of the list :P) but 11 MOST HAUNTED PLACES IN NEPAL along with their stories.

First of all, keeping everything aside, this list does not promote the existence of ghosts. Our list is totally based on the experiences of the people.

Supernatural powers and paranormal activities are quite common at this scientific age as well. Especially in rural areas where superstitions also help people believe in such things. However, we cannot deny the bad experiences people have in a so-called haunted place.

Top 11 Most Haunted Places In Nepal

The Royal Palace

On Jestha 19, 2058 B.S. ten members of the royal family along with King Birendra were killed brutally during a family reunion. This event saddened the whole country. What happened that night is still a mystery and the culprits are still uncaught. Neither we know who killed them.

Top Haunted Places in nepal
The Royal Palace of Nepal

After that day, The Royal Palace of Nepal experiences paranormal activities. The guards hear sounds of people crying and gunshots are often heard during night time. They also hear footsteps coming out of nowhere. It is believed that the soul of Royal family exists there for their justice. The Royal Palace is one of the most popular haunted places in Nepal.

Aryaghat, Pashupatinath

Pashupatinath Temple is one of the most sacred places for people belonging to Hindu religion. It is also listed on UNESCO world heritage list since 19s. Bagmati river flows nearby Pashupatinath temple. Dead bodies are burnt near the bank of the river.

The sacred place (especially in the bank of the river) where Hindus burn dead bodies is called “GHAT”, thus Aryaghat.

Aryaghat is also closely located near the dense jungle. It is said that Aryaghat is often visited by ghosts during night time. The flowing river and dense forest make the scene more dreadful. During night time only a few workers dare visit Aryaghat with a threat in their heart.

Char Kose Jhaadi

Char Kose Jhadi is one of the most haunted places of Eastern Nepal. It is basically a forest through which runs a highway. This forest is located on the way to Dharan from Ithari and is visible for around 10 miles on the way.

People driving through Char Kose Jhadi during night time has reported paranormal activities many times. These incidents are not bold enough to grab mainstream. However, we cannot neglect the bad experiences people had there. People often complain about an old woman asking for a lift at midnight.

The video embedded below is violent or repulsive content. Please skip it if you are below 18.

Probably the reason behind this haunting region are the murders that take place in the dense jungle. These incidents psychologically affect people into believing that there is something wrong. Several dead bodies have been found in the jungle since last decades.

Devghat, Chitwan

Devghat located in Chitwan district is one of the holy places for Hindu people. This place lies in the side of two rivers namely, Seti Gandaki and Krishna Gandaki.

Police found the skull of a dead body near Devghat in 2009. There are several other incidents of the finding of dead bodies in the site. Locals claim that a group of old women visit Devghat every midnight and dance in their own igniting bodies. Devghat is also popular as one of the most haunted places in Nepal.

real ghost in nepal
Haunted forest | Char Kose Jhadi

Atma Ghar Vedetar

Atma Ghar is located at Thumki Dada near Vedetar. It is also called soul house or memorial to the ancestors. It was built by 24 different architects representing different countries in 2011. That hill had 113 graves of local Magar people which are integrated into one right now.

People who visit ATMA GHAR often describe a strange feeling they feel at the top which is surrounded by trees in three sides and cliff in one side. Locals believe that the place is haunted by their ancestors. However, this place is positively embedded in the mind of people.

Water Tank in Dhapasi

Nearby the busy streets of Kathmandu are situated a water tank which is untouched for years. The water tank is situated at Dhapasi, Basundhara. People claim that a spirit of a man walks nearby the tank every day.

haunted water tank in dhapasi
Haunted Water Tank

According to the locals, a man was robbed and brutally killed a few years back near the tank. His dead body was found floating in the water tank next morning. Since then, the water tank is untouched and haunted. No one dares to pass nearby the tank even in the dawn.

Rani Ban

Raniban is a village situated in Accham district of Nepal. Queen is called “Rani” in the Nepali language which gives this village its name. The former queen of Nepal used to visit that village to have a relaxing time. Raniban gives perfect views of sunrise and sunset as it is situated in lower hills. Plesant mountains are seen from this village where unpleasant things go around the night also during daylight sometimes.

Raniban has an old tree which is believed to be haunted. People hear a loud crying sound near the tree at night. Several people claim to the see spirit of a girl roaming during midnight. According to the police, a girl was brutally raped and killed nearby the village. The murderer was found hanging dead in the same old tree, the following day.


Sundarijal, closely located to the capital, is a cool place to hang out. This place is also famous for canyoning. A lot of people visit Sundarijal to have a good time. It is located inside Shivapuri National park and hosts animals like leopards, jungle cat, and black bear.

top 10 haunted places in nepal
Man taking a dead body out of the river

Bagmati river flows through Sundarijal making it suitable for swimmers. Unfortunately, at least one people die every year either by drowning or by falling off the cliff. Locals say that the soul of people who died there haunts the river. People rarely head towards the forest or near the river bank after evening.

Muglin-Narayanghat Road

The Mugling-Narayanghat road is one of the busiest roads of Nepal. It connects the capital city with the eastern and western parts of the country. Most of the night buses coming out of the capital go through this route to reach its destination.

There have been cases of over 100+ landslides in this route in 2017 alone. Every year at least one vehicle drops off the cliff causing deaths of many. Trishuli river flowing off a cliff makes the struggle real. The soul of people who lost their lives there haunts this section of road as per locals.

Building Near New Road Gate/ Bir Hospital

haunted hospital in nepal
Bir hospital

New road is one of the busiest places in Kathmandu Valley. Shopkeeps of New Road sells from electronics to clothing, from wholesale to retail.

There is a building right close to the New Road gate. According to the rumors, a ghost haunts the building. In 2012, a shopkeeper claimed that he frequently encounters a shadow inside the building. Similarly, a ghost haunts Bir Hospital as well. Bir hospital is at a minute walking distance from the haunted building of New Road. People say that the ghost is the soul of patients who die in the hospital haunts the hospital and its surrounding.

Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world. Every year many climbers around the world come to Nepal to climb Mount Everest. In 1954, Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary became the first people to ascend the summit of Mount Everest. Many people have died while climbing this peak before 1954 and still the number of deaths is averaging five a year.

haunted places in nepal
Man nearly escapes death

Locals say, “the soul of people who die there often visit tents of the climbers and encourage them”. Mount Everest is one of the most haunted places on Earth.

Please comment below your views regarding or against the existence of these facts if you know further details about these haunted destinations of Nepal.

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