Travel is incomplete without getting to taste the local cuisines of any area. But, you don’t have to fly back to Nepal to try out the mouth-smacking delicacy. If you are in Launceston, then we have come up with the top 3 Nepalese restaurants in Launceston that will win your heart with authentic servings. 

But before moving further, let’s have a look into Nepalese cuisine and what it actually is. 

 Nepalese cuisine

Cultural identity is often reflected in the foods that people eat. Nepal’s cuisine is a fusion of flavors, customs, and gastronomic history. It’s a common misunderstanding that Nepalese cuisine consists solely of staples like Momos and Thukpa.

 However, it is home to many different landscapes and people. Consequently, you may expect to find local delicacies and beverages in every corner of Nepal. Nepalese food takes heavy inspiration from its neighbors, India, Tibet, and China. Newari cuisine is well-liked in cities like Kathmandu, although Tibetan Thukpa and beef are favorites in the highland regions where cultivation is limited.

Popular Nepalese cuisine includes sel roti, gundruk, thukpa, choila, yomari, and many others.

Top 3 Nepalese restaurants in Launceston

1. Nanglo Restaurant

There is no better place in Launceston to have authentic Nepalese and Indian food at a reasonable price than the Nanglo restaurant. They specialize in both vegetarian and non-veg. items. 

Vegetarians can choose a variety of foods such as Mushroom chili, Paneer tikka, Bhatmas Sadeko, Samosa chat, and many more. 

Similarly, non-veg. items such as Chicken Tikka, Chicken Tandoori, Chicken Choila, and Goat Sekuwa are their specialty. Besides, they serve a variety of momos, Thukpa, and noodles.  

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Location: 79a George Street, Launceston, TAS 7250.


It is another best Nepali restaurant in Launceston city. The food served is incredibly fresh and authentic along with the extremely hospitable service and pleasing surroundings. The setting of the restaurant is both cozy and lovely. 

They specialize in Nepalese street foods such as Panipuri, Samosa, and Pakoda, and in exotic Nepali foods such as Bheda ko Bhutan, Kukhura ko Choila, Bhaleko pakheta, and many more. 

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Location: 58 Elphin Rd, Newstead TAS 7250, Australia

3.Bhattee Authentic Nepali cuisine

It is one of the recently opened restaurants in Launceston, aiming to deliver authentic Nepalese foods at a reasonable price. As a starter, you can choose from items like potato salad, chili chicken, and other South Asian-inspired meals. Traditional rice wine, yogurt-based drinks, and Nepali beer are also available as alcoholic beverages.

Lastly, if you have been to any of these or planning to go, then don’t forget to share your experience in the Nepalese restaurants.