Have you ever tried Nepali Buffet breakfast in Sydney? If not, then you should definitely.
Here in this article, we have come up with a restaurant where you can get the best Nepali buffet breakfast in Sydney. But, before that let’s have a look at what exactly buffet breakfast means.

What does it mean by buffet breakfast?

We all are well aware that various restaurants and cafes have been offering buffet breakfasts and meals. But, what does that mean?
By definition, a ‘buffet’ is a long table set up for casual dining and offering a wide selection of food. That means varieties of food items are arranged in rows on a long table from where you can get to select any cuisines you like. You can have dozens of items and the price is usually fixed. Isn’t it exciting?
In another word, it is an all-you-can-eat set. You can take as many portions of any meal presented as part of the buffet.

Want to have the best Nepali buffet breakfast in Sydney?

If you are craving all the flavorsome Nepalese cuisines, then having a particular item may not satisfy you. Rather, you must try the best Nepali buffet breakfast in Sydney at The Muglan restaurant.
You must be thinking what is so special about this restaurant? Well, it offers more than twenty Nepalese cuisines. Their buffet breakfast includes Jerry Puri, Thakari vegetables, Chana, Finni, Pakada, Nuggets, Fruit Salad, Haluwa, Khir and many more. Besides, it will be served along with special Nepali tea, coffee or any juice of your liking. And, all of these at just 20 dollars.

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How can I contact the restaurant?

If you are actually a foodie, then you must try their scrumptious Nepali buffet breakfast in Sydney. You can contact them by following ways:
Location: Shop 1,18 market st, Rockdale Sydney NSW 2216
Phone number: +61 2 8387 9266
Email: info@themuglan.com.au
You can also visit their Facebook page by clicking here.