Rara lake is the deepest and biggest freshwater lake in the Himalayan country Nepal. Tourists consider Rara lake as one of their favorite destinations in Nepal. The beauty of this lake is untouched by the developing world and still exists without human interruptions.

Rara lake is covered by hills on the sides with alpine trees surrounding it. You can easily get a closer view of the biggest mountains by hiking any nearby hill. Boating is also one of the activities enjoyed by people in Rara.

The lake is located at an altitude/ height of 2,990 m and has a maximum depth of 167 m. The Rara lake is accompanied by a lot of wildflowers in favorable seasons. The sparkling water along with green grass adds beauty to the scene.

Where is Rara located?

Rara lake is located in a 146 km square land designated as Rara National Park. The national park is one of the smallest national parks in the country. It is located in the Mugu district of the Karnali region which lies in the top West corner in the map of Nepal. The park was established to protect the flora and fauna of the Humla-Jumla region of the country.

Rara Lake Costs

Rara lake is located at a very high altitude. So, consider things to be three or four times expensive as the transportation factor is going to make things hard. The trekking permit is going to take about $34. Meanwhile, you can expect accommodation to be the same as in other parts of the country.

horse rising rara lake
Visitor rising horse in Rara Lake, Nepal

You can live and travel to Rara national park starting from $80 per day. As one needs to trek for a couple of days for reaching Rara, it’s better to go on a travel package or get a good guide to accompany you. You can easily find tour packages with transportation and every other inclusion at around $700.

But, if you are traveling by air than be ready to pay more.

How to reach Rara Lake?

There are a few options you can choose from while traveling to Rara lake. If you like to choose public transportation or bus then you can drive until Jumla or district headquarters of Mugu, Gamgandhi. There are three days of a hike from Jumla which is of moderate difficulty. While from Gamgandhi you can reach Rara lake in five hours.

We advise you to be accompanied by an expert when taking the roads. A local guide with a license is preferred. Meanwhile, by taking the roads you can expect to see the breathtaking beauties of western Nepal. You can also hire a jeep or expect your travel agency to hire when traveling on a tour package.

Rara National Park by Air: You can charter a plane from Kathmandu airport to Talcha airport. Meanwhile, there are weekly flights from Nepalgunj airport when you are not traveling in a group. The airport is located at four hours hike to the place.

One can also get a flight to Jumla from Kathmandu and continue their three days hike from the airport.

Way to Rara Lake | Trek Map

rara lake trek map
Trek map showing the way to Rara Lake from various nearby locations

Accommodation Near Rara Lake

There are a few hotels located in the banks of the Rara lake. Diane hotel and Rara Eco Resort are one of the few good places to live around Rara lake. They have a seating area where you can enjoy your food along with the view of sparkling water. You can expect room prices from $4-$6 around these places. You can also try searching for homestays or stay back in Gaamgandi for cheaper options.

Best Time to Visit Rara National Park

March through May will be the most favorable time to visit Rara national park. This is the time where you can make the most out of your trip and enjoy clear views of the mountains along with the seasonal wildlife. You can see rhododendron filling the mountain trails, sparkling water, and beautiful sky throughout the months. Also, have a look: Best Time to Visit Nepal.

rara lake in winter
Freezing weather in Rara Lake

The other months are less favorable. As monsoon makes the conditions of the road and trails we won’t suggest you go unless you do a thorough research of the coming day’s weather. Similarly, at such an elevation winter is not an ideal time. Even the airports get shut sometimes due to the weather.

Things to Do in Rara

1. Horse-riding: Locals come to rear horses around the Rara lake. They also provide horse riding services to visitors. The cost can range from $2-$5. Which is a good deal to have a horse riding adventure in such a beautiful piece of land?

2. Boating: There are pedal boats available to hire per hour or half a day in the Rara Lake. The prices can be anywhere from $4-$8.

nepal army boating in rara national park
Nepal Army Boating in Rara Lake, Nepal

3. Trekking: Rara National park is also famous for trekking. Various travel agencies offer packages for trekking. You can enjoy the divine beauty of nature when trekking in this region. You can also expect to see habitats of various rare wildlife.

4. Wildlife: The area is home to 51 species of mammals, 74 species of flowers and 200+ species of birds. Some of the very rare animals like Himalayan goral, musk deer, leopard, red panda, and Danphe are among the list. Besides these animals, beautiful coniferous trees are also worth giving a visit.

red panda in rara
Red Panda spotted in Rara national park

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Rara National park is a very beautiful piece of land on earth. Filled with various adventures and wildlife, any nature lover is going to love the trip to the Rara lake. It is also one of the trips that can be accomplished with minimum expenses.

Please comment on your views about Rara National park and when are you going to visit it? and if you already did, what did you like the most about this trip?

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